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Field Hawk - Ag Drone

Agricultural Drones

The Field Hawk Ag+ is an Agricultural Drone built with the Farmer and Ag Professionals in mind.


Uploading the data from your drone has never been quicker. Simply pull the data from the camera straight to your computer. Aero Hawk downloads your data from our camera and uploads it directly onto your computer in less than 2 hours.

Aero Hawk software stitches the pictures based on the best pixel, providing you seamless data.

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Aero Hawk’s drone and data-capturing technologies increase visual acuity for pinpointed decision-making that:

• Drives Possibility • Maximizes Potential • Informs Decision-Making • Lowers Cost • Increases Efficiency


Business Intelligence Takes Flight

Aero Hawk’s Advanced Drone Technology is Revolutionizing Precision Agriculture.

The Aero Hawk Difference

Aero Hawk Technologies, LLC is a team built on integrity. We are dedicated to leading the agricultural data acquisition industry with an uncompromising code of ethics demonstrated in the soundness of our employees, excellent customer service and superior products. Designed  to revolutionize the agricultural industry, our drones are equipped to fly above fields at amazing speeds while simultaneously operating several different cameras. This allows for minimal flight times while collecting accurate data about your field’s soil so you can identify growth patterns and respond accordingly.

Each drone camera is fitted with a different sized filter designed to capture specific information. Never before has it been this easy to capture everything you need to know about your field at once. Technologies within the drone and camera industry are moving forward at breakneck speed. Our mission is to give our customers the best experience with ease, accuracy and results, leading the industry in agricultural drone technologies.