Aero Hawk Maps 2D




Capture. Analyze. Act. Drone mapping for precision agriculture:


  • Aero Hawk Maps 2D is the best software tool available in the market for multi bandpass filters with narrow bandwidths.
  • The calculation of 52 vegetation indexes is made possible through a fast an accurate map projected interface.
  • The image stitching technique is based on its unique Most Important Pixel technique which allows the analysis and visualization of true data at the pixel level of your farm.
  • Aero Hawk Maps 2D converts your drone-captured imagery into a geo-referenced orthomosaic with all the valuable information that characterizes your farm.


Among the main features provided by the Aero Hawk Maps 2D visual interface are:


  1. A user-friendly interface for stitching.


  1. The isolation of regions of interest of your farm.


  1. The projection of the orthomosaic on a satellite map to visualize high resolution images of specific spots of your farm.



  1. The generation of small size maps (HTML) for portability among your computer devices.