Aero Hawk releases an affordable Ag Drone

Aero Hawk has just released an ag specific drone that is an affordable solution at a price of $1995 it is by far and away the most bang for the buck of any ag related drone simply it’s the Best Mapping Drone.

The Field Hawk is an entry level Ag mapping drone and was built with Ag Professionals in mind, utilizing the best Drone Technology in Agriculture.

Ease to Fly:  An intelligent flight system keeping your Field Hawk in the air and under control to make sure your Aerial Imaging is done right.

Custom Filter Options: Delivering 2-8 Megapixel photos using the AeroHawk Filters installed on the integrated cameras.

Flight Time: Fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge, and the Intelligent Flight Battery will automatically remind you when power is running low. On a normal day that is enough to fly 160 acres.

Rugged Case: offering water proof storage and protection for your Field Hawk Drone.

Field Hawk +

You can bump up to the Field Hawk + which gives a 4-camera array with 2 of the camera using Tri-Band Filters for in-depth analysis, and as always, the best way to view the pictures is with the Aero Hawk Maps software