Drone / UAV

Aero Hawk is currently the lightest weight Drone and 4 Lens Camera combination on the market, weighing in at a total of 1320g. Thus providing you a flight time of 25 minutes and covering a total of 160 acres on one battery charge.

Our 8 Megapixel camera comes equipped four Filters providing you all the data you need in one single flight.


Uploading the data from your drone has never been quicker. Simply pull the data from the camera straight to your computer. Aero Hawk downloads your data from our camera and uploads it directly onto your computer in less than 2 hours.

Aero Hawk software stitches the pictures based on the best pixel, providing you seamless data.


With the combination of our Drone and Software you will receive informative, precise data. Using the data provided you will be able to pinpoint the areas that have disease, damage, NDVI and water issues. Thus providing you a solution.