Pixhawk 2.1

Pixhawk 2.1 is a small cube, with a 38.5mm square footprint, that does pretty much everything better than the original Pixhawk. Pixhawk2 is the latest iteration of Pixhawk, which is an independent open-hardware project. Pixhawk2 supports different kinds of airframes – multicopters, helicopters, quadplanes, planes, rovers and more! With Intel Edison compatibility, the power of it has gone up exponentially. An easy firmware update is all it takes to re-purpose your hardware into a different role. The vibration dampening is by far and away improved over the Pixhawk with the Vibration-damped IMU Board. https://aero-hawk.com/product/pixhawk2/ Pixhawk 2.1

Modular flight controller

Reduced integration complexity

Ample I/O for even the most complex airframes

All-in-one design with integrated FMU and IO processors

Vibration-damped IMU board

It comes 100% RTK GPS ready.

Multiple GPS capability is standard.

The Pixhawk2 comes ready for use with the Intel Edison if ordered Edison Ready


  • Processor
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 core with FPU
    • 168 Mhz/256 KB RAM/2 MB Flash
    • 32-bit failsafe co-processor
  • Sensors
    • Three redundant IMUs (accels, gyros and compass)
    • InvenSense MPU9250, ICM20948 and/or ICM20648 as first and third IMU (accel and gyro)
    • ST Micro L3GD20+LSM303D or InvenSense ICM2076xx as backup IMU (accel and gyro)
    • Two redundant MS5611 barometers
  • Power
    • Redundant power supply with automatic failover
    • Servo rail high-power (7 V) and high-current ready
    • All peripheral outputs over-current protected, all inputs ESD protected
  • Interfaces
    • 14x PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 6 from FMU)
    • Bus servo output
    • R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus
    • Analogue / PWM RSSI input
    • 5x general purpose serial ports, 2 with full flow control
    • 2x I2C ports
    • SPI port (un-buffered, for short cables only not recommended for use)
    • 2x CAN Bus interface
    • 3x Analogue inputs (3.3V and 6.6V)
    • High-powered piezo buzzer driver (on expansion board)
    • High-power RGB LED (I2C driver compatible connected externally only)
    • Safety switch / LED
    • Optional carrier board for Intel Edison
    • Pixhawk 2.1


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