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The Aero Hawk Maps 2D software tool allows you to easily analyze and visualize crop imagery taken by your drone. Therefore, with a little user interaction and through a dynamic user interface:

First, a set of images from your aerial survey can be directly read from your computer into the Aero Hawk Maps 2D solver. Since the number of vegetation indexes that can be calculated provide a different vegetation indicator (health, plant stress, nitrogen levels, etc.), the images have to be selected according to the camera filter type (visible light, NDVI, or  triple narrow band filters) and the vegetation indexes calculated by Aero Hawk Maps 2D are grouped accordingly.

Second, each image center is placed on a map as a function of its GPS coordinates. Thus, you can select only those images that would like to analyze from your field and then you can proceed to create your photo-mosaic. While selecting your images, it is important to preserve the distance overlapping among them for the Aero Hawk Maps 2D working properly during the creation of your photo-mosaic data.

Third, with respect to a photo-mosaic, you can proceed to calculate its related vegetation indexes by selecting those provided in the user interface; hence, a customized color photo-mosaic map is obtained according to the selected vegetation index  that can be kept in file for a  further analysis.

Fourth, you can export a photomosaic index as a HTML document for easy use and portability among your devices.

In summary, Aero Hawk Maps 2D is a powerful and complementary software tool  with the use of drones to characterize your field and advance crop production. Happy mapping!


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