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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Warranty on the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+

Aero Hawk offers a one-year warranty on the Camera and the Drone Body, this does not cover crashes we recommend having insurance on your aircraft to cover damages.

What product and software support does Aero Hawk offer?

Aero Hawk offers online as well as phone support on products and software. Onsite Training is also available for an additional fee.

What are the characteristics of the gimble?

The Aero Hawk drone has a self leveling gimble that is always pointing down and only controls pitch and roll.

Does the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+ have built in point of interest or geo-fencing?

Yes these options are included in the Mission Planner Software.

Does the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+ have obstacle sensing?

No it does not have obstacle sensing abilities, we recommend flying at 350-400 feet to avoid obstacles.

Does the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+ have terrain following?

Yes the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+ will following the terrain on your flight plan.

What is the maximum distance for standard operation between the controller and drone?

3 Kilometers

Are RGB and NDVI images taken simultaneously on the same flight?

Yes, the Dual camera on the Field Hawk will take the RGB and NDVI images during the same flight.

What happens if the battery runs low?

When the battery reaches 30% charge it will automatically return to home.

If I run a large mission plan will the drone return back to home and let me change a battery and resume the mission?

Yes, your drone will fly until it is 30% battery and then return to home. You can then change the battery and resume the mission.

Can we transfer photos via USB for each camera?

Yes the transfer software allows you to pull photos by either USB or WiFi.

How long will the Field Hawk and Field Hawk Ag+ fly for?

The Field Hawk will fly for 26 minutes / 160 acres


Registration of your drone is required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Registration is fast, easy, and done online.
Aero Hawk supports the Know Before You Fly Campaign. Visit for guidance on flying your new equipment safely.