Triple Bandpass going way beyond NDVI

Triple Bandpass filters are reinventing crop scouting with the ability to see more facets of the crop. With the ability to put 3 filters in one lens the amount of data that can be gathered with a single camera has just exploded. I think that we will see most drones that are flying fields employ the use of Triple Bandpass filters, you would be crazy to just want NDVI.

In testing the filters uses you can have NDVI and many other Indices with one camera. One hurdle is the software that is available, doesn’t compute these indices. At Aero Hawk, we have been working on software that will compute these algorithms into something that is useful and in lemans terms. There is many fronts the are improving the use of aerial crop surveying but I would say the Triple Bandpass filter is at the top of the list right now, those that are using them will be by far more successful in gathering useful information for crop analysis.

I have added 3 Triple Bandpass filters here that we are selling and there uses.

AeroHawk Ag Triple 550/660/850 Primarily designed for aerial agriculture mapping and surveying purposes. If you are not worried about the leaf moisture this filter will be the most useful for Non-Irrigated crops. Green-Red-Near IR data is used for applications where Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (CVI) and other vegetative index monitoring is preferred. The list of calculatable indices with this filter.



AeroHawk Ag Triple 475/550/850     Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (ENDVI) data gathered for vegetative health monitoring can be used to provide similar, but spectrally different information as compared to traditional NDVI data. Soil background, differing atmospheric conditions and various types of vegetation can all influence the reflection of visible light somewhat differently.


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