Use of Drones in Agriculture

UAV Agricultural Sensing Solutions

Advanced technology is revolutionizing the world of agriculture. Drones have become a common practice in ag management to reduce costs while receiving valuable data on crops without waiting for satellites. Drone technology captures high quality photographs, making it easier than ever to collect data on plant health and field conditions.

With a new ability to constantly monitor plants as they grow, farmers and operation mangers can now turn copious amounts of data into actionable knowledge. Whether implemented through weed control, fertilizer applications and/or watering, the technology provides the means for a higher yield at the end of the season.

Applications of Data

The information collected by Aero Hawk cameras provides the grower the data needed to produce the best crops possible. The camera detects early warning signs for diseases, as well as fertilization and hydration needs of the plants. The camera array includes a set of filters that provides in-depth information on the crop instantly, allowing the farmer or grower to be completely up-to-date on all aspects of their field(s). The Aero Hawk Ag filters delivers a variety of information right to the fingertips of the growers and agronomists––everything from water content to soil information is provided to insure the best crop can be produced (See Aero Hawk Ag filters link to for details on the specific capabilities of each filter).

Data Storage and Upload

Information gathered from the drone cameras is stitched together using Aero Hawk’s  MapHawk4D software. The information is uploaded to an open source site that allows you to view your field and compare it with other growers and agronomists. Each image captured provides unique information to help produce a better crop. The field is displayed as one picture, with the ability to switch between the filters to evaluate any areas that may need attention. The Truth Table Guide indicates which areas/issues each filter is highlighting, a helpful tool for accurately reading the images.

Accuracy Matters

At Aero Hawk, we pride ourselves in making superior products. Our cameras reach the highest pinnacle of our pride and achievement. The cameras are a higher megapixel count than any other camera designed for agricultural use, providing our customers with exacting information that is high in caliber, detail and value. Each camera filter is designed to show everything from soil composition to plant height to overall plant health, allowing the farmer to quickly and effectively respond to crop performance. Competition drives our company, pushing us to go above and beyond what is expected. Our mission is to ensure the accuracy of our products and make your growing season a success, year after year.

Our Promise

Aero Hawk’s advanced technology gives you the power at your fingertips to produce high yields every year. We are dedicated to continuing to improve our technology and industry, making it easier and more efficient for the growers around the world.

The Aero Hawk Difference is to outpace the industry in value and excellence, ensuring that our cameras are the highest quality available. Choosing the 8-megapixel camera over the industry standard 1.3 megapixel camera, will give you unprecedented access to the most defined and accurate information possible. Our innovative technology and passion for the industry both propels and positions us to become the most reliable company in agricultural information technology.